About Shortek Residential Excavation Shoring

A new engineered residential shoring product.

Shortek residential excavation shoring enables you to meet the demands of job costing, access, and speed of installation.

The Shortek residential product is typically installed at a depth of ten feet. It can go deeper, but we see more of that is our commercial excavation shoring jobs.


How it works

Residential Shoring Photos

Our engineered shoring solution has many applications in a residential setting. Have a look at these project photos to learn more.

Shortek has completed jobs for:

Why use Shortek?

Our patented screw pile shoring technology is the most economical residential shoring product on the market today:

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The Benefits of Shortek Residential Excavation Shoring include:

  • Unique product designed specifically for city infills
  • Engineered stamped drawings provided
  • Most cost-effective product on the market
  • Fast installation
  • Quick-response time

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